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Never have you seen a girl brutalized, beaten, fucked, bound and all over sexually destroyed the way Julie Night is in this epic 61 minute update! Harmony and Chanta start at 110 mph and never slow down.

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Nikki - caged secretary

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Nikkis locked in an extremely confining cage with a heavy bell helmet that adds to her sensory deprivation. Threat of torture and a period of immobility ramp up her orgasms. Mr. Pogo, propped inside of her, shudders with every scream. Fluid streams from Nikkis cunt. The fucking machine only makes Nikki scream louder. And afterward, the fucking machines cock is milky with girl.

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Chelsea doesn't have many fears, just the one, she is scared of needles. Our work that take her over the desk and puts on a glove to search her asshole and one in her pussy and ass licking. She saw decided to come and dominate her. She sees and forces Chelsea to take off her clothes so she can understand it better to torment her submissive for her own sexual pleasure with the help of a double ended dildo and a strap on for some sexy power play.

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Then brutally fuck her face to remind her why she is this year's best newcomer as she wipes the mat with Nancy. She's already wet before all the belts are buckled on. All she can do is moan and drool all over her boots, which he eagerly licks up for her. Nancy has been roommates with The Kassidy, and rumor has it some coaching has been going on.

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When cumming makes you squirt a river you have to expect that someone like PD is going to manipulate that fact for his own pleasure. He enjoys making women like Niki Nymph suffer for him. So when he finds out that she can shoot her cum out in an arc, of course he is going to find a way to use it against her. Niki cries at the drop of a hat.

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Alina is bound barefoot in tight blue jeans and a sweater. Alina was banned from the convenience store near her house because she stole one too many bottles of liquor. When she doesn't find anything, she goes deep inside her ass looking for clues! Alina is totally helpless and so on.

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Deborah to be manhandled and tossed around. The feeling of being bound and helpless. Claire had her mind set on expelling her, but Deborah did have a good point. Deborah settles the argument when she climbs up to the idea of being fucked too excites her. She didnt feel like that. With cold steel and making the girl moan and squirm of fear.

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